What Causes A FUPA

What Causes A FUPA: How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Fat

What Causes A FUPA: A surprising amount of people suffer from what is known as a FUPA: a fat upper pubic area. If you’re dealing with this problem, you probably want to take care of it as soon as you possibly can. It can make it difficult to find clothing that fits properly, and it can also be very embarrassing.

If you learn what causes a FUPA, you will be able to get rid of yours for good. Just follow these tips if you want to bid your pubic fat goodbye.

A Bad Diet

It sounds simple, but it’s true: if you eat a healthy diet, your FUPA will start to disappear. With that said, it’s important to remember that a bad diet isn’t just heavy in calories. It’s low in nutrients, and it consists of a lot of processed foods.

What Causes A FUPA

Make sure your diet is full of nutrient rich foods. Eat dark leafy greens, nuts, berries, and plenty of lean protein. If you work to change the way you eat, you’ll see the fat around your pubic area fade away in no time.

High Levels Of Stress

When there are a lot of stress hormones in your system, your body is more likely to hold onto fat. This is especially true of fat around the pubic area.

What’s the solution to this dilemma? Try eating foods that can fight against stress hormones. Flax and chia seeds are a great option, as are salmon and walnuts. In addition, you should make sure you are getting at least 7 hours of sleep every night.

Stomach Bloat

If you have a bloated stomach, the fat around your pubic area will be more visible. One of the main reasons that people have issues with bloating is because they have too much sodium in their diet. Another common cause is dehydration.

Make sure you drink at least six glasses of water each day. You may want to carry bottled water around with you to make this easier. In addition, you should keep track of how much sodium you consume. If you notice that your sodium levels are high, try to make a few changes to the way that you eat.

A Weak Core

If your core muscles are weak, then all of the fat in your midsection is going to show. However, if you work to strengthen these muscles, your midsection will look lean and be toned.

Try to combine cardio exercises with exercises that focus on the core muscles, such as crunches. While it will take time to see results, eventually, your muscles will be stronger than they ever have before. You will look great when swimsuit season rolls around!

Now that you know what causes a FUPA, you will be able to get rid of your pubic fat for good. It can be hard to solve a problem if you don’t know the root cause. However, with the simple solutions listed above, it will be easy for you to whip your body into shape. You’ll never have to deal with a FUPA again.